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Personal care for our dead and dying 

We are...

A creative and dedicated collective of doulas and midwives, energy healers and body workers, musicians and artists, who strongly believe the way we attend to those who are dying is an act of love with culture-making ripples. Among us, we bring a multitude of skills and a shared passion for gifting the dying what they want and need to transition with ease and grace. 


Our care can include support in:

  • Creating advanced directives, or the legal documents that allow you to make clear your decisions about end-of-life care, in the event you are unable to communicate those wishes.

  • Making plans for body disposition, home funerals, and memorial services.

  • Guiding and co-creating an atmosphere that helps prepare your spirit for transition - gentle live music, energy work and healing touch to alleviate discomfort.

  • Assisting family and friends in caring for the body of their loved one at home, for up to three days after death.


To know which of our services align with your visions of your final days, we will meet with you and listen, and then propose a constellation of supports. You can meet the providers of those services to decide who will become your team and how their help will be arranged.


All team members provide their services on a donation basis. ​


What's the difference between a death doula and a midwife? To many people in the field, there is none. We use doula to refer to people who assist with the spiritual transition before death, and midwife for those who assist family and friends in caring for the body of their loved one after death.

Please note!

  • Doulas work alongside Hospice volunteers, but cannot replace them or provide medical support. 

  • Midwives can support a family in planning their own home funeral, and also partner with local funeral homes and crematoriums for body disposition if the family so desires.

We serve the geographical area of

Yancey County, NC.

Please contact Katherine Savage at

for more information.

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Meet the Team


Katherine Savage

Katherine is a death midwife who provides education on healthy death culture, doula support to those in transition and their families, and assistance to families in conducting a home funeral and creating rituals to honor their loved one. Katherine received her training from the Center for End of Life Transitions.


Jennifer Dorfield

Jennifer, an ordained minister, offers training and experience in spiritual psychology, energy medicine, and hospice volunteering to those preparing themselves for transitioning and to their loved ones.  She offers metaphysical counseling and energy healing to facilitate the dying (or surviving) process, as well as self- or team-created ritual before and after death. More about her services can be found at


Ed Wright

Ed is a death doula whose intention is to bring comfort and ease to people before, in, and after their time of passing, by listening deeply and offering his full presence. He is skilled in providing Comfort Touch, and volunteers with Compassionate Care Hospice of Yancey County. Ed received his training through INELDA. 


Kamrie Kastelic

Death midwifery apprentice. Kam assists families in navigating the paperwork around death, including Advanced Care and

After-Death Care directives.


Ethan Peverall

Ethan is a musician who offers his gifts with the melodic tone drum, chimes, and various other percussive accompaniment. He takes listeners through a journey of sound to alleviate suffering, clear the mind, and nourish the soul.


Susan Lepidi

Susan is a Reiki Master/Practitioner and  death doula who received her training through INELDA. Her intention is to provide comfort to those transitioning and their families with Reiki. More information regarding her services can be found at


At 23, I never expected to have to say goodbye to my mother. I didn't know how to move through the motions of my mother's dying process. When my mother first told me she wanted a home funeral and for Katherine to be her doula, I thought that was pretty strange. Watching Katherine tirelessly read, comfort and give loving-kindness to my mother in her final days helped me understand how anyone would want this. I took part in creating a Cloak of Protection with family and friends for my mother to be buried in, and after my mother had passed, I wanted to help Katherine bathe, clothe, and wrap her in it. It was so beautiful. She was so beautiful. And I will never be the same. We are our own individual people, and we should have the right to go out on our own terms. Now I see how we DESERVE to pass, and want no others to just be passed on.  

Lily Bartleson


For more information about how our team works, click on the link below.

The Team Member Creed explains our beliefs around how best to serve those who are dying, and the My Vision form shows the questions we ask to learn what dying well looks like to you.


For additional funeral planning and death care resources, see:





Dina Stander provides an outstanding collection of organizations that support end of life on her website resource page - Click Here

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