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Field To Shroud


A Winding Sheet of


The Field to Shroud project was a collaboration between Katherine Savage and Warren Wilson College faculty and students to make her death shroud from flax grown in their field and processed in their fiber arts studio. 

Through this project, our aim was to...

  • Connect cultural views of death to the natural cycles of the earth as the shroud grows from a seed

  • Advance earth-honoring body disposition practices that include the making and use of locally-grown shrouds

  • Increase awareness of how imperialistic economic paradigms resulted in earth-injurious cloth production practices in our mountain region

  • Support a return to our heritage of growing, processing, dyeing and milling cloth-making plants.

While the flax grew, was harvested, and made into cloth, learning circles were held to connect people to this work. The circles targeted three communities:

  • Local growers, to encourage them to return cloth-making plants to our fields

  • Death workers, to support their advocacy for and use of earth-honoring body disposition materials and practices

  • Fiber arts students to learn the skills of processing flax and making cloth.

  • Katherine's shroud will be completed in a community sewing event in August 2024. Read more about this phase of the Field to Shroud Project below.

  • This project's goals are also being continued by the Body Contribution Project.

If you are interested in growing this project's influence, let us know! 

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Looking for a shroud?

Eco-responsible and economically sensible burial materials can be purchased from Mourning Dove Studios.

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