with grief

and death

The Death Fellowship is a year-long supported experience for those who seek the skills of journeying with death, inviting the natural world to be their teacher.


Coming in Spring, 2021

A Fellowship with Grief and Death: The Natural World as Teacher

It has long been understood across most cultures that turning towards our death brings a fuller, richer life into view. In these days, that view is obscured by the insistent background noise of the greater dying around us of humans and more-than-humans alike. Their untimely deaths press on us and ask us to get clear on what our own death requires, so that we can align with the new energies trying to emerge and create a more sustainable future. 

The most profound teacher for us in these times is the one that continues to proliferate its generative attributes to heal and reverse our effects, even as we, its most intellectually capable species, learn to end our betrayal of it. Given the unsustainability of the dominant culture, we must turn to the teachers situated in the landscapes, for this is where all other life forms follow the fundamental impulse of energy to rise and fully take a form, and then yield to the universal forces that will remake it.


Fellowship Objectives:

  • Learn to discern the marks of our death phobic culture on your way of being and how you regard and interact with the natural world, so you can make choices that create a more sustainable, harmonious future for all beings on the planet

  • Learn how to enter wanders in the wild world and issue an invitation for it to be your death teacher, so that the macrocosm of the universe can align the microcosm of your energies to what is real and life giving

  • Develop personal practices and rituals that deepen your skills for being at home in conviviality and respect for your ancestors and the gods of your landscape

  • Develop practices that open the well of your grief to your dying and the dying around you so that tears awaken your aliveness and gratitude becomes your compass.



Through guided and independent wanders, and personalized support for your reflections, the fellowship will explore…

  • Death and grief mythology and phobias 

  • Markers of a healthy death and grief culture

  • Skills and rites of passage rituals to navigate edges brought into view on wanders 

  • Skills for being at home in your landscape  

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